DAM: Jungletrax Honey Child of A-Kerr’s x SIRE: CH Al Janna’s Blitzeinschlag of A-Kerr’s

Ameri has such a beautiful expression and coloring that I couldn’t not keep her. She was out of her mother Honey’s last litter here and from good, healthy, and well tested lines. Her wide nose, puffy whisker pads and small ears will be an asset to us. She is wonderfully friendly and inquisitive with totally spotted legs and dark eyes. Her boning and musculature make her an exciting one to watch… Still coming out of the fuzzies in these photos, but she is already wonderful. She has that wild essence that is so hard to capture.

  • Structurally correct, heavy boning, athletic build.

  • Lovely head structure. Nice doming, small ears.

  • Spotted legs all the way to her toes!

  • Ta^M/ ?, A/A, B/B, C/C, D/D

  • HCM test is pending, too young, mother tested 3x, father tested negative in February.

  • PK-Def N/K via Optimal Selection. Will never be bred to another carrier nor produce affected kittens.

  • PRA-B N/N via Optimal Selection.