Tailwinds Ximango of A-Kerr's x Shagera Firebird of Tailwinds

Phoenix is a lovely girl from outside lines with a flashy soft, glittered coat and a partially white underside. I love her mother's wild face and Phoenix has inherited Ximango's wild essence as well as her rounded ears and long skull. She has a big, funky pattern reminiscent of a marble... Some breeders call this pattern sparble, as it seems to have attributes of both the spotted and marbled markings. I call it exciting and thus she stays with me! She is also dual registered in CFA and TICA and has been shown in both associations.


  • Friendly and easy going, loves to play!
  • Light straw gold coloration, clear coated, and glittered.
  • Rounded ears, good chin and doming to the skull.
  • Pattern flow: swirly open rosettes with lots of flash!  Rosetted tail and beautiful shoulders. 
  • Carries for no testable recessives, except possibly marble. 
  • HCM tested normal 3/21/2017. 
  • PRA-b N/N  via UC DAVIS
  • PK-def N/N via UC DAVIS