CH A-KERR'S Rose to the Top x CH Sephora’s Roebling of Pouncing Paws

DOB 11.11.18


Rise Above is the only kitten we kept from either Rose or Roebling, and a granddaughter of Mira, so I am excited to see her development and what she will bring to the lines. She has beautiful coloring and is holding the black outlines to her pattern. She carries Apb, so will be an important factor in producing charcoal kittens next year or so. I love the amount of white accents on her face and the white underside that we hope she is going to keep. Glittered, soft, and with a gentle personality, Rise Above is going to be quite an asset to our program.


  • Lovely expression, low set to her eyes and nice doming to her head.

  • Structurally correct with wonderful contrast. Emerald eyes!

  • Sweet, somewhat mellow for a Bengal.

  • Whited genetics in her mother’s line, brilliant white/cream underside on her.

  • Ta^M/ Ta^M, A/Apb, B/B, C/Cs?, D/D

  • HCM test is pending, too young, both parents have tested negative 2x.

  • PK-Def N/N via parentage

  • PRA-B N/N via parentage