The parents: BengaMur Alina of A-Kerr's, a brown marble queen imported from Belarus, and CH A-Kerr's Ima Lookin Even Better...Both sweet, personable cats, kittens are the classic high energy, confident Bengal beauties! Born 3.28, ready to leave soon! Updates below along with previous photos. ALL KITTENS ARE RESERVED. See the Darla x Ryder litter for available kittens or inquire as to current availability or joining the waiting list.

Female 1, biggest kitten in the litter, toy crazy and sweet, she may stay with me! RESERVED.

Female 2, Spunky, with dark coloration and large donut rosettes. She is a doll and very playful! RESERVED

Female 3, bright colors and beautiful contrast. I love her, I am debating on keeping her here. RESERVED

Female 4, the runt of the litter. This petite girl is so sweet, she is growing, but definitely the tiny one of the bunch. Large pattern and huge eyes! Her pattern is still developing. She promises to be an amazing personality, her determined character is already shining through! RESERVED

Male 1, has the most lovely pattern. He is a rambunctious personality and always testing the limits... He likes to bite toes also. RESERVED.

Male 2, has a funky jet black pattern on a short sleek coat. He is the instigator, the first one to drown a toy in the water, the first to go after the toilet paper! RESERVED

Male 3, the best head of the group and an all together wilder looking kitten. Glittered coat with lots of small rosettes! RESERVED


Another litter of SEVEN outstanding kittens, just as the older litter is leaving! These babies were born 3.28.17 and there are a couple tiny ones that we are hand feeding. Overall though, nice flashy litter. I hope for another agility champ like their mother! This litter is dual registered with CFA and TICA, ready for new homes by late June / early July. Very, very friendly kittens. They like to terrorize me by climbing up my legs and arms while I clean! Quite the little adventurers, they are confident and outgoing! Male 1 is spoken for, and females 1 and 3 will remain on hold until I decide if I keep one back to show!