The Parents :

AW BengaMur Alina of A-Kerr's and Rosettea Top Wesselton of SolanaRanch



Alina is my high energy agility girl who was bred to a gorgeously structured male visiting from our friends Robyn and Jon Paterson of (Solana Ranch cattery and Wildernesswell cattery combined) Quality Bengal Kittens in California. These kittens promise big nocturnal eyes and lots of glittery, interesting patterns. I have my eye on a couple as show cats if they develop as they should. 8 kittens total, 3 females and 5 males.  Ready to leave in early September.

Photos below taken at 9 weeks**************************************************

Alina Male 1 is RESERVED

Alina Male 2 is RESERVED

Alina Male 3 has lovely glitter and paw printed rosettes. His pattern is my favorite of the boys! AVAILABLE

Alina Male 5- Big very red male, this guy takes a second to warm up start to play but is well worth it when he does! AVAILABLE

Alina Female 1- RESERVED

Alina Female 2 - This sweet little thing has beautiful gold color with nice outlining to her rosettes and a cute little personality - AVAILABLE

Alina Female 3 - RESERVED

Photos below taken at just under 6 weeks****************

Alina Male 1 is a huge, confident boy. Very sweet with dark markings and a wonderful white belly - RESERVED

Alina Male 2 is a warm colored, friendly boy- RESERVED

Male 3  has a gorgeous paw print rosetted pattern and dark outlines. He is sweet and most cuddly! AVAILABLE

Alina Male 4, tiny but tough, he is RESERVED.

Alina Male 5 has the golden red coloration of his dad but the lovely expression of mom. He is AVAILABLE

Alina Female 1 is a glittered beauty, heavily in the fuzzies now, she should also keep her white belly. RESERVED

Alina female 2 has wonderful contrast and clarity to her pattern, she loves to be with people. AVAILABLE

Alina Female 3 is RESERVED


Photos below taken at two weeks******************************