************************ Retired and adopted **************************


A-KERR'S Global Megastar X A-KERR'S Mesmerize

DOB 7.20.2012

Captivate is a home grown female, chosen by Libbie close to 4 years ago! She has an awesome pattern and we knew from a young age that she would stay with us as a beloved matriarch . She is a great mom, easy to handle and happy wherever I have her. She's definitely a pattern cat, as I can count on her kittens to have big beautiful rosetting, lots of glitter and amazing color. 



Captivate :

  • personality: easy to handle, interactive and fun. Her personality is so amazing that as a 2 year old she was shown for the FIRST time and championed!  
  • wonderful mother:  takes exceptional care of her kittens and allows for us to handle them from birth, her kittens are genetically friendly!
  • Coloring : rich golden-yellow tones with lots of glitter, clear background coloring.
  • rosetting: tri-color distinct rosettes  to the skin,  great contrast.
  • whited underside: carries for whited.
  • pattern flow: horizontal huge rosettes!  Very contrasted and colorful!
  • carries for marble, and non agouti, or solid. 
  • PK-def negative by parentage
  • PRA-b N/K,
  • HCM tested negative 5/2013, 9/2016


Photos Photos of Captivate growing up!