The parents:

CH A-Kerr's Captivate x Tailwind's Bravado of A-Kerr's have produced a loving litter of 5 kittens. Captivate is our beautifully patterned matriarch. This is her last litter, she is now 5 years old and continues to screen clear for HCM and is a wonderful mom. We will miss her, but she has found a home with one of her kittens! This is Bravo's first litter, we are excited to see these adorable babies grow up with his hot coloring and sweet personality. 

Female 1^ looks a lot like her father, Bravo. She will be hot colored like he is, very clear and glittered. Sweet little girl, very playful and outgoing.  RESERVED

Happy go lucky, this kitten, female 2 ^ is a rambunctious joy! She has the marble pattern which will develop more color slowly, opening as she grows. ON HOLD

I love female 3's face. Her huge eyes and laid back temperament make her an appealing pet for someone special. Her pattern will also continue to develop and lighten. AVAILABLE

Male 1 is another dark marble kitten. He is sweet and will be a lot of fun for the right family. He should be a big cat as he is the biggest in the litter. AVAILABLE

Gregarious and fun, the Male 2 is outgoing and confident. He LOVES to play and is quite handsome! RESERVED