The Parents:

Chrys (CH Library Chrysanthemum of A-Kerr's) and Ryder (RW SGC AC Speakeasy CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's) have welcomed 3 gorgeous rosetted babies. Born early in the morning of New Year's Eve, this litter consists of two seal lynx point males and a brown female. SLP males are reserved for clients on the waiting list, brown female is on hold until 8 weeks for evaluation. Ready to leave the last weekend of March- first week of April.

***********************************5 week photos below**************************************

The Chrysanthemum girl is on hold to be evaluated as a show quality female. She has several striking qualities, please inquire if interested. ON HOLD

The Chrys Male 1 is a mellow, sweet kitten with a robust frame and a incredibly soft silky coat. He should have amazing deep eye color as his eyes appear almost purple at this point. Markings are dark with no barring and outlining beginning to appear. RESERVED

The Male 2 is a fun loving, little explorer. He loves toys, and his inquisitive nature and sweet personality will make him an awesome companion. He will be a chatty Bengal, I can already tell!  RESERVED

***********************************2.5 week photos below**************************************

Chrys' girl has a wonderful face with a wide puffy nose leather and striking color and pattern. She is being evaluated as a show kitten, please inquire if interested. 

Chrys' Male 1 has great pattern flow and contrast for his age. He is a mellow, inquisitive little guy, will keep the blue eyes.- RESERVED

Chrys' Male 2 has a handsome face and similarly dark pattern as his brother. He will also keep the stunning blue eyes- RESERVED