The parents: Darla (A-Kerr's Ima Dark Child) my first charcoal ever, out of Jungletrax Honey Child and the sweet Ryder (RW SGC Speakeasy CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's). These are wonderful babies combining the wild essence of their parents with the sweet, inquisitive personality that we've come to know from the Bengal breed. Latest pictures taken on July 10th.

Female 1 is on hold. She barely meows ever... She does make adorable squeaks and loves to cuddle! She is rosetting already, as you can see the centers of her spots begin to lighten up. I expect she will have a pattern similar to her mother. RESERVED

A little squirmier and a lot more vocal than the her sister the Female 1, Female 2 is still a sweetheart who loves to play and be near us. Her pattern is flawless and her head is lovely. RESERVED

Female 3 is a bit of an introvert, would rather watch the play before joining in. I love her face, she is getting fuzzy already, hence the pictures! RESERVED

Female 4 is a very dark, possibly genetically charcoal marble girl. She is such a doll, I would expect her pattern to stay very intense and inky. RESERVED

I love the girl pictured above! Her adorable face and teeny ears have endeared her to me. Not to mention her exploratory personality and her ultrasoft coat! AVAILABLE



Darla (A-Kerr's Ima Dark Child) and Ryder (RW SGC Speakeasy CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's) have 5 lovely girls available as amazing companions to the right homes! These girls were born on May 3rd, and are chunky babies with soft coats and precious faces. I love the structure of these kittens, they all have thick tails and nice wide noses, in addition to large eyes! There are two definite charcoals, two browns, and a maybe charcoal or dark brown (the marble, female 4). Watch these guys grow!