The Parents :

A-Kerr's Bella Gia and RW SGC / AC  Speakeasy CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's

Gia is a delightful monkey of a cat with a talkative and crazy personality that has been bred to our handsome Ryder. We hope that his gorgeous structure will combine with her glittery coat and whited elements. Kittens are already beautiful and developing as I had hoped.

Gia Male 1- AVAILABLE- Beautiful red tones and huge eyes, I really love this kitten.

Gia Male 2- AVAILABLE - The pattern flow on this guy is just gorgeous. Coupled with dark pattern, glitter and huge eyes, I really love his look. Thick tail, beautiful head shape.

Gia Male 3- RESERVED - This kitten is a beautiful example of the marble pattern… He is quickly developing the hollowed out look and spotting inside of his pattern. Marbles usually take a good 6 months or more to develop full pattern and color. He has strong type and a friendly little personality!

Gia Female 1- Very talkative and beautiful tricolored pattern, this girl is sure to be a high energy cat just like her mom. RESERVED

Gia Female 2-This little girl is a sheet marble, but even so you can see the pattern developing in her markings. Her coat is ridiculously soft and she has huge eyes. Her face is so expressive. She will be an amazing pet for someone special! AVAILABLE