The Parents :

Jungletrax Honey Child of A-Kerr's and Al Jannas Blitzenschlag of A-Kerr's

Born April 20, 2019

This is the first litter for the sire, Blitzi, a brand new imported stud that we are very excited to have added to the males here at A-Kerr’s. Honey has outdone herself and produced 6 cute little brown spotted babies, her largest litter ever. Kittens will be available in mid to late July, will be offered to the waiting list first. Photos are shown below kitten identification. First set taken at 2 weeks old. Second set at 6 weeks, gray /green background! These kittens are getting ultra fuzzy, but they are so sweet! Very calm (for a Bengal) kittens! Latest set of photos on sage green after the 8 week check ups where they all passed with flying colors!

Honey Male 1 - This huge talkative guy is the clown of the litter. Check out the huge feet on him, he promises to be a mini-me of dad, Blitzi. His coloring will be very hot!- RESERVED

Honey Male 2- This playful guy has a phenomenal combination of rosettes and spots with lovely facial features and great contrast. RESERVED

Honey Female 1 -Confident, with an exotic head and beautifyl markings, this little girl got the nickname Cheetah when I was weighing these kittens because of her cute little tear marks. I think she will likely keep the white belly. RESERVED

Honey Female 2- Wonderful coat texture and nice rosetting coming through on this little girl. She is a talker! RESERVED

Honey Female 3 -Beautiful soulful eyes and an amazing personality. This little one thinks that people are cat trees to climb for kisses. She is soooo cute. AVAILABLE

Honey Female 4- This girl has the most adorable expression and also has the tiny rosettes and spots starting to shine through her fuzzy stage. AVAILABLE