The Parents :

Jungletrax Honey Child of A-Kerr's and RW SGC / AC  Speakeasy CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's


This is Honey and Ryder's second litter together and they are breathtakingly adorable, with that nocturnal expression that is so integral to preserving the look of the wild ancestors in the breed. However, these sweet, easy to handle kittens have the  soft, glittered coats of the domestic descendants. 4 males, including two marbles and two spotted/ rosetted kittens make up this cute bunch.

The lone girl in this litter, Honey female is an expressive little chunk, glittered and sweet. RESERVED

Honey Male 1 is what I suspect to be an Apb/Apb charcoal, he is a sturdy cuddlebug. RESERVED

Honey Male 2 has a captivating look with pretty rosettes and gorgeous coloring. ON HOLD

Honey Male 3 is a funny little boy with a face that makes me want to name him Mouse... He is dark and soft, pattern should open into amazing rosetting. AVAILABLE

Honey Male 4 only has half of a tail! His marbling is looking wonderful for his young age and he promises to be a distinctive cat. AVAILABLE