The parents:

Jungletrax Honey Child has welcomed another litter of five with RW SGC AC Speakeasy's CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's. Born 9.30, these kittens will be able to leave for their new homes the week of Christmas.  Both parents are sweet cats and with easy dispositions.  Ryder's wild good looks and excellent structure have again been stamped on his children. Updated photos at 6 weeks, kittens are starting to get fuzzy. I love how these babies slink along with their tails set low and their wild faces... I have my eye on several! There are two boys, one spotted, one marble, and three girls, two brown spotted and a charcoal marble. Enjoy the photos! The Charcoal marble and the brown female 1 are both available at this time.

Pictures below at 6 weeks***************************************************************************************************

This little girl is a glittered beauty with wonderful pattern flow and open rosettes. She will make a lovely companion in time for Christmas- RESERVED

Female 2 is RESERVED but there was a good chance I that I would decide to keep her. Her tiny  ears and gorgeous combination of spots and rosettes make her an appealing prospect to show for next year. I love how she moves and her great personality.

The Honey charcoal female is an Apb/Apb charcoal, rosetting is starting to show in her marble pattern as she matures. She is AVAILABLE

The Honey Male is another exciting kitten. His structure and perfect pattern flow on a buttery coat tell me that he would like a future as a show cat. He is a gentle giant! RESERVED

The Honey Marble Male is an adorable little marble guy with a mellow personality and a love for all things feathery. Will make an awesome pet. RESERVED

Pictures below at three weeks***********************************************************************************************