JUNGLETRAX Honey Child of A-Kerr's X A-KERR'S Ima Lookin' Even Better

DOB 2.25.16


Darla is the first charcoal patterned kitten ever born here at A-Kerr's! I am intrigued by the characteristic charcoal coloration, the white goggles around the eyes and her dark markings. She is very glittery and does have the outlined rosettes like her parents, as well as Stephen's people oriented demeanor. She has grown very attached to me and made it clear she would stay! Along with a great personality she carries the Apb gene at the A locus (along with a or the solid gene). The Apb gene is interesting because it has been identified as having come directly from the Asian Leopard cat.

    Darla at 8 months of age


    • Open rosetted pattern.  Also, glittered which seems to be a harder trait to combine with the charcoal pattern.
    • Good overall structure, with well placed ears and large eyes.  
    • Personality is so much like her sire, Stephen! She is darling and purrs from the moments she sees me. 
    •  Light underside currently. It will be interesting to see if she keeps the light coloration or if it blends in with the rest of her over time. 
    • Apb/ a, B/B, C/C, D/D, also carries marble as I suspected since her grandmother was one.
    • HCM tested normal 3/21/2017
    • PK-Def N/N via UC Davis
    • PRA-B N/N by parentage

    Taken at 8 weeks of age, below.


    Pictures taken below on April 2nd, 2016 at 5 weeks of age. 

    Jungletrax Honey Child of A-Kerr's and Ima Lookin' Even Better ( Stephen) are the parents of A-Kerr's Ima Dark Child. I call her Darla and she's is already a darling at this young age!