The Parents :

Lama and an outside stud

Black Lama is a recent addition that delivered her kittens on my birthday! You’ll notice these patterns are very large and close together, a variation of the rosetted pattern called ‘clouded’ like a clouded leopard. I don’t plan to produce many litters like this in the future so speak up if you are interested! These babies are very glittery and very sweet. Already they try to swarm me when I enter the room and they can barely walk! I will begin to place these kittens with the waiting list sometime in September. These kittens adore the attention from our kids and would be great for families.

Male 1 - The only male… He is very gold around the face and paws so I expect his color will be amazing as he develops! He is already pretty large for his age and has a sweet expression.

Female 1- Cool brown, she has inky markings and decent flow for this litter. RESERVED

Female 2- Nice coloring, the cutest little face and rounded (so far!) ears.

Female 3- Very large, very dark pattern. Lots of texture and spotting inside the rosetting. Mellow little girl, I like the way her face looks now that she is maturing.

Female 4- The cutest little face ever! She is dripping in glitter and has amazing contrast.