The Parents :

CH Speakeasy Girl On Fire of A-Kerr’s (Lauren Alaina) and Bengalscape Ocelot of Kotykatz

Lauren and Ocelot proudly present 6 wonderful kittens that are sure to catch your eye! This is Lauren’s first litter and we couldn’t be more pleased with how she’s handling motherhood and the caliber of her kids! All brown spotted tabbies, these babies are glittered and promise rich rosettes and silky coats. We are holding several for evaluation at this time but they may be available later. Now in the fuzzy stage, these kittens have the most wonderful personalities!

Female 1 - RESERVED

Female 2 - Very clear coat, loves to be with people and loves kids, she is RESERVED


Male 1- This little guy has lovely golden color and a luxurious feel to his coat. He does have one ‘lazy eye’ that he doesn’t hold open completely. Our vet has seen him and determined that there is no inflammation or swelling, it appears to be how he holds it open for now. He is AVAILABLE and discounted appropriately.