A-KERR'S Marleina x CH A-KERR'S Ima Lookin Even Better

DOB 7.16.17

Marked One came from a lovely litter of 4 males, but from the moment I saw him, he was the standout. I have more than a few related cats to Marked One so I knew I probably should not have kept this home grown studlet, but he has a lot of traits that I've worked hard to pull from his mother's line, while preserving his father Stephen's amazing personality. He is likely homozygous for spotting as neither parent ever produced a marble. After showing him in both TICA and CFA, Marked One has decided to continue his show career in the south central region and will live with my friends Dana Zauf and Deborah Keith. I'm sure he is thankful for the nicer weather in Texas!






  • Beautiful longer head, huge whisker pads and tiny ears.
  • Coloring: Tawny like his mother, clear background coloring, and black outlining to his pattern!
  • Pattern flow is fabulously horizontal with oval rosettes. 
  • A/a, B/B, C/C, D/D.
  • From our Conga/ Conduit/ Paloma/ Stephen line. I love his personality.
  • Sweet, calm, and curious. He loves the show scene, and thrives on attention
  • HCM test is pending. Parents were both tested normal at 3+ years of age.
  • PRA-b N/N by parentage
  • PKD N/N via UC Davis