The Parents:

Chrys (CH Library Chrysanthemum of A-Kerr's) and Roebling (CH Sephora Roebling of PouncingPaws) have welcomed 6 gorgeous rosetted babies. Born while I was out of state at a cat show, my husband played midwife and got to welcome these babies into the world! There are 4 males and 2 females, All KITTENS RESERVED OR ON HOLD. They were born on May 6, so will be ready for new homes around the first week of August. At the 5 week point when these most recent kitten photos were taken, coats were looking wonderful and pattern is readily evident on all the seal lynx point kittens. This litter is a sweet group of kittens!

Photos below at 9 weeks of age! These kittens are really developing beautifully with amazingly soft coats and playful personalities. Some kittens, especially the Male 2 are showing off the long 'fuzzy' coat.

Chrys female one is RESERVED

Chrys Female 2 - RESERVED

Chrys Male 1- RESERVED

Chrys Male 2-RESERVED





Photos below at 5 weeks old! They are eating raw food with gusto, litter box training and learning the ropes of adventuring in their environement. Adorable stage!

Chrys Female 1 is RESERVED

Chrys Female 2 is RESERVED

Chrys Male 1 is RESERVED

Chrys Male 2 is a very active, talkative little guy. He has a beautiful pale golden color with a tight coat and dark outlining to his rosettes. He will be a wonderful pet! RESERVED

Chrys SLP Male 3 is a sweet confident boy with gorgeous facial features and small ears. He is a love bug! ON HOLD

Chrys Male 4 has a super tight, glittered coat with nice contrast and beautiful blue eyes which all Seal Lynx Points carry into adulthood. He is RESERVED

***************Photos Below from 3 weeks of age*****************************

Chrys Female 1 is RESERVED

Chrys' SLP female is under evaluation.

Male one has the most adorable moustache with great chaotic black pattern. He is ON HOLD

Male 2 has an extremely clear coat with large rosettes and warm golden tones. AVAILABLE

Male 3 is a big chunky baby with the softest coat and expressive eyes. AVAILABLE

Male 4 is glittered and promising a beautiful coat and adorably elven face! He is ON HOLD