The Parents:

Chrys (CH Library Chrysanthemum of A-Kerr's) and Roebling (CH Sephora Roebling of PouncingPaws) have welcomed 6 gorgeous rosetted babies. Born while I was out of state at a cat show, my husband played midwife and got to welcome these babies into the world! There are 4 males and 2 females, both females will be kept for evaluation and males will be available to clients. They were born on May 6, so will be ready for new homes around the first week of August.


Chrys Female 1 is under evaluation.

Chrys' SLP female is under evaluation.

Male one has the most adorable moustache with great chaotic black pattern. He is ON HOLD

Male 2 has an extremely clear coat with large rosettes and warm golden tones. AVAILABLE

Male 3 is a big chunky baby with the softest coat and expressive eyes. AVAILABLE

Male 4 is glittered and promising a beautiful coat and adorably elven face! He is ON HOLD