The Parents:

Chrys (CH Library Chrysanthemum of A-Kerr's) and Roebling (CH Sephora Roebling of PouncingPaws) have welcomed 6 gorgeous rosetted babies. Born while I was out of state at a cat show, my husband played midwife and got to welcome these babies into the world! There are 4 males and 2 females, ONLY MALE 4 IS AVAILABLE. Must go to an adult home or with older children.  They were born on May 6, so will be ready for new homes around the first week of August. At the 5 week point when these most recent kitten photos were taken, coats were looking wonderful and pattern is readily evident on all the seal lynx point kittens. This litter is a sweet group of kittens!

Photos below at 9 weeks of age! These kittens are really developing beautifully with amazingly soft coats and playful personalities. Some kittens, especially the Male 2 are showing off the long 'fuzzy' coat.

Chrys female one is RESERVED

Chrys Female 2 - RESERVED

Chrys Male 1- RESERVED

Chrys Male 2-RESERVED


CHRYS Male 4- AVAILABLE... This little boy needs a calm home with people that are willing to do a lot of playing with this fun, high energy kitten. He doesn't seem to enjoy being picked up, but is very smart and food motivated. Ready to leave now.



Photos below at 5 weeks old! They are eating raw food with gusto, litter box training and learning the ropes of adventuring in their environement. Adorable stage!

Chrys Female 1 is RESERVED

Chrys Female 2 is RESERVED

Chrys Male 1 is RESERVED

Chrys Male 2 is a very active, talkative little guy. He has a beautiful pale golden color with a tight coat and dark outlining to his rosettes. He will be a wonderful pet! RESERVED

Chrys SLP Male 3 is a sweet confident boy with gorgeous facial features and small ears. He is a love bug! ON HOLD

Chrys Male 4 has a super tight, glittered coat with nice contrast and beautiful blue eyes which all Seal Lynx Points carry into adulthood. He is AVAILABLE

***************Photos Below from 3 weeks of age*****************************

Chrys Female 1 is RESERVED

Chrys' SLP female is under evaluation.

Male one has the most adorable moustache with great chaotic black pattern. He is ON HOLD

Male 2 has an extremely clear coat with large rosettes and warm golden tones. AVAILABLE

Male 3 is a big chunky baby with the softest coat and expressive eyes. AVAILABLE

Male 4 is glittered and promising a beautiful coat and adorably elven face! He is ON HOLD