The parents:

Olivia, Russian import who is an amazing pet and sweet tiny soul!    x       Ryder (RW SGC AC Speakeasy CowboysLastRIde of A-Kerr's)

The Litter: A mischievous group of playful troublemakers... Outgoing, confident, and affectionate, these beauties embody the Bengal spirit. Pictures below at 10 weeks.

Inquisitive, and cuddly, this guy is proving to be a rare Bengal lap cat! He loves people and mischief!

Female 1 is still the biggest, a foot ambusher and master at hiding in small places. Sweet and playful.

Female 2 is a petite ball of cuteness. She looks so much like Olivia and sticks to her like a shadow still. Loves to play with her siblings!

Female 1 is a sturdy baby, largest in the litter, with big rosettes and the wild face of her father, Ryder!

Female 2 is a Mama's girl, still sticking close to Olivia1

Male 1 is a loving sweet little guy, pictured here at 3 weeks.