The Parents:

Phoenix (A-Kerr's Flying Phoenix) and Roebling ( CH Sephora's Roebling of Pouncing Paws) have welcomed 3 lovely babies on the morning of February 12th. This marks Roebling's first litter and Phoenix's last, she will be retired after the kittens wean. Kittens are growing fast and their patterns look better every day! ONLY the Male 1 is available at the moment as a Breeding / Show prospect as he is also being considered for my program.

********************Photos below at 7 weeks old***********************************************************

Phoenix Marble Female, an adorably petite and sweet little soul, she is a fighter and holding her own against her giant brothers!  RESERVED

Phoenix's Male 1 is a dark and handsome giant! This boy tips the scales at close to 3lbs already and is a confident and friendly kitten! AVAILABLE AS A SHOW / BREEDER

Phoenix Male 2 is a flashy beauty that looks a lot like his mother, Phoenix. I expect him to end up very similar in coloration as well. Sweet and cuddly, this guy is a joy! RESERVED

********************Photos Below at 4 weeks****************************************************************

The marble girl is a petite cutie, beat out at the milk bar by her brothers, I have been supplementing her and she is doing well despite being smaller! ON HOLD

Phoenix Male 1 - RESERVED

Phoenix Male 2 will be available to the waiting list. He will be similar in color to his mother and is already very sweet and craves human contact!

***************************Photos Below at almost 2 weeks*******************************************************

The lone marble, this little girl will change dramatically as she grows. She does have some hollowing out of her pattern to the naked eye, but it will be a while before she has the complexity of the spotted patterns. ON HOLD

Phoenix Male 1 is very similar to his father in pattern alignment. His color will be warmer overall and he is glittered which Roebling lacks. I am excited to see him mature.

Phoenix Male 2 is the fighter of the bunch. He has lagged somewhat behind the other kittens but has done great with being tube fed... He has absolutely beautiful warm coloring like Phoenix and large rosettes from the day he was born.