DAM: Rainforest Take Me To The River x SIRE: Rainforest White Belly Tuck and Roll

I fell in love with this little girls face at first glance and was elated when her breeder, Jaen Treesinger of Rainforest, offered her to me. She has so many traits that remind me of the Asian Leopard Cat but her temperament is perfectly suited to our multi cat, multi kid household. Shadow loves to play, loves to be interacting with the family and generally bouncing off the walls.

Shadow has a gorgeous pale background color with a dark, flowing, combination of rosettes and spots. She is currently white from chin, to inside of her legs, to the inside of her tail. Her ear shape and set, eye placement, make her head one of the wildest I have yet to see. In addition to her wild expression, she has a whole range of hilarious noises that I had not heard until I met her like growl-purrs, chirps, and more. She is talkative, intelligent, and her movement and grace are reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cats. I taught this girl as a kitten to jump into my arms after just a week. She is amazing!

We’re happy to share that Shadow has made it to triple grand champion in 3 shows… In addition, we travelled to the TICA annual show to compete in a huge class of Bengals, with over 30 adults and 100 total adult cats of all breeds. She placed in 4 rings and earned the 2019 OnSafari BEST Adult Bengal, Wildest Looking Cat, and 2nd Cat in congresses. We are very proud of Shadow!


  • Her coat is smooth, close lying and a pale golden color.

  • Gorgeous head type with huge green eyes, puffy whisker pads and nice ears set.

  • Rambunctious, intelligent personality. Loves people.

  • Very spotted legs and toes, WHITE underside and a uniquely chaotic pattern!

  • A/A2, B/B, C/Cs, D/D. Shadow carries seal lynx point, and an ALC agouti variant.

  • Ta^M/ Ta^b, carries the gene for marble pattern.

  • Will be HCM tested before breeding, parents, grandparents tested multiple times.

  • PK-Def N/N via parentage.

  • PRA-B N/PRA, will never be bred to another carrier, therefore will not produce affected kittens.