TAILWIND'S Moonbeam X TAILWIND'S Braveheart

DOB 6. 27 . 16


Thanks again to Ginny Huckabee for sending wonderful Bravado to come and reside here in Ohio! Bravado is a hot colored beauty with flash and personality! Tri color pattern on this boy, thick tail, and gorgeous white markings on his face. Bravado has such a sweet, confident personality, and a rare Bengal lap cat! Although, he has some voice! Bravo refuses to ride in carriers, making transportation quite an adventure. I love his orange/ copper eyes, his amazing coat texture, and his coat clarity. This young boy is producing lovely clear coats and friendly kittens, now on lease to another cattery as we have several upcoming kittens that I am excited about.


  • Colorful, intensely outlined rosetted pattern.  Lighter underside!
  • Great length to his skull and muzzle, and copper eyes!
  • A real cuddler, loves to be with and talk to people. 
  • Thick, rosetted, faultless tail.
  • A2/A, B/B, C/C, D/D. A2 is another recently discovered Asian Leopard Cat agouti gene. 
  • Carries marble.
  • He is glittered, but it is the mica type glitter which appears as shimmering tipping in the coat.
  • HCM test is normal as of July 2017.
  • PK-Def N/N via UC Davis
  • PRA-B N/N via UC DAVIS