The parents: The gentle and kind Tailwind's Ximango of A-Kerr's and my darling show cat RW SGC Speakeasy Cowboys Last Ride of A-Kerr's. This is a wonderfully mellow and adorable litter.

Female 1, Charcoal. She is a sweet, adventurous girl who loves to cuddle and also has a playful side. RESERVED

Female 2, another charcoal girl, as cute as a button. Huge girl with a thick tail and a over the top love for toys! RESERVED

Female 3, brown girl, outgoing with nice rosettes and a gorgeous head. She will make a phenomenal playmate for someone! RESERVED

Male 1, a docile lap baby! He needs a little more confidence, but he loves to be held and petted. He has a lovely buttery coat, very similar to his father. RESERVED

Tailwinds Ximango of A-Kerr's and RW SGC Speakeasy CowboysLastRide (Ryder) of A-Kerr's have a litter of four lovely kittens, born April 13th. Two charcoals and two brown, these babies are docile and adorable. I adore their cute little faces and exploratory nature. Most kittens I want to see mature and change, but I would love for these guys to stay little puff balls of cuteness forever! Wonderfully thick tails and tiny ears are traits that all of these kittens share... Both charcoals are on hold, but feel free to inquire. Ready to leave early to mid July.