Everything About Bengals.

They’re one of the most beautiful and loving breeds of cat ever. Learn their lineage, care and feeding, habits, attitudes, and the art of selective breeding.  more details

Why We’re the Best.

Awards don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole story either. Bred for health but also temperament and distinct traits, A-Kerr’s bengal cats are bred to lead the way.   We bred TICA’s 2013 Bengal cat of the Year! more details

Come See the Kitties!

We don’t name these kittens purposely unless we plan to keep them. We’d fall in love too much, and one of them might be Yours to name.  See the current kittens… more details

What Our Clients Say About Us
Libbie is not only a top quality Bengal cat breeder, she cares deeply for the people she does business with as much as her cats. She believes animals can heal, and so do I. Thanks Libbie!
Chris Tome, www.appleprowv.com

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