DAM: A-KERR'S Ima Miracle Rose X SIRE: CH A-KERR'S Ima Lookin' Even Better

DOB 3.2.17


Mojo was my pick to replace his sire, my beloved Stephen. Born with his eyes wide open, he was a funny looking baby but quickly matured to be a handsome charmer. He has an amazing, loving personality. His coat is a wonderful golden color, soft and plush with gorgeous open rosettes. His favorite things are bouncing off the walls (literally), catching bugs, and people! I adore his expression and his head type was exactly what I needed, so despite a few half sisters in the program, Mojo will stay on for the outcross ladies.  He is another dual registered beauty and will compete in both TICA and CFA. Mojo has championed in his first adult show, making three finals competing against his sister, A-Kerr's Rose to the Top.

Pictures below at 9 months of age

Pictures below at 5 months of age

From birth to big kitten!

Little Mojo! At 7 weeks old!


  • Open rosetted pattern. Glittered and incredibly soft!

  • Well placed ears (they could be smaller) and a flowing top skull.

  • Personality is so much like both parents, easy going and craves contact with his human family!

  • Light underside currently. Mom, Mira is whited so I expect him to keep some expression.

  • A/a, B/B, C/C, D/D, Ta^M/ Ta^M (homozygous for spotting).

  • Both parents tested free of HCM at 3+ years of age in 2017.

  • PK-Def N/N via parentage

  • PRA-b N/N via parentage.