*******************Roebling is retiring and has a home. Look for his last litters under the kitten page!************************



DOB 5.24.16

Roebling was an unexpected surprise from Amy Stansak of Pouncing Paws in Uniontown. He captivated me at first glance and somehow made his way home with me that evening!  We now co-own this big charcoal brown, I like the acreage in his large pattern and his wild look. His eyes are large and rounded, his strong chin and heavy muzzle will complement my girls. Roebling was shown in TICA last spring and attained his championship in one show! He has been shown in CFA as well where he represented the charcoals with his charm and purring sweetness. Now that he is producing kittens, I am eagerly anticipating his babies!




  • Personality: Playful and fun! Easy to handle and sweet to other cats.

  • Not glittered, but jet black markings on a smooth coat.

  • Coloring: Light silvery background, intense jet black markings. Rosettes are subtle as is sometimes the case in charcoal cats.

  • Pattern flow: chaotic and reminiscent of a marble, like his mother.

  • 11 generations from a unique ALC, Zarboo.

  • Apb/Apb, C/cs, B/B, D/D. Carries for marble pattern.

  • HCM test is normal as of 3/21/17 . Sire, also tested normal the same session. Tested normal again 2/2018

  • PRA-b N/N via UC Davis

  • PK-Def N/N via UC Davis