**********************ALINA IS RETIRING*******************************Please let me know if you are interested in this loving, active young girl!


PIENO Deserto Pteris X IC (WCF) OLEANDER Graceful Star of Bengair

DOB 12. 1 . 15

Another import from Belarus, Alina comes to A-Kerr's from Victoria Ostrovskaya, and I am very grateful. Normally I would not consider a marble pattern for my breeding program, but Alina's beautiful face and expression caught my eye. She is a warm, tri colored rosetted marble , with a wonderful pedigree, and gold eyes. She is being shown in both CFA and TICA as her little personality just endears her to all. In fact, even though Bengals are not yet eligible for championship in CFA, Alina is the first titled Bengal as she has an agility title of AC (Agility Competitor) from the Novi, MI show. Her spunk and energy got us 6th place in Agility at the CFA international show the weekend of November 19-20th, 2016.  Extremely glittered and bright, this friendly social girl is a real joy! 


  • Colorful, open rosetted marble pattern. Dripping in glitter.  
  • Structurally correct, perfect tail and wonderful muzzle.
  • Personality is wonderfully active and inquisitive. Loves to be petted, and near us at all times. 
  • Whited genetics in her ancestors, partially whited underside. I am hopeful she will produce this trait!  
  • No recessives that we can test for, other than of course, being marble! 
  • HCM test 10/16 negative, normal heart
  • PK-Def N/N by parentage
  • PRA-B N/N via UC DAVIS