*********************** Mariana is now spayed and retired, and ready to leave!***********************


A-KERR'S Marleina X KOTYKATZ Super Moon

DOB 2. 27. 16

Mariana was the sole result of a joint effort between Tari Kotewicz of KotyKatz (who owns her father) and myself to produce a colorful litter of brown, seal lynx, and silver kittens that might also produce charcoals. Her mother, Marleina, only had one amazing kitten, which I struggled (due to her hideously fuzzy kitten coat) in deciding whether or not to keep. In the end, her sweet personality and wild look has won me over. As she's matured it's a decision that I'm glad I made as her short, tight coat, and wonderful head make her an asset to the A-Kerr's program. Although her coat is more ticked than what I like, her type is valuable to me and she has proved to be a loving mother already. Mariana championed in her first adult show, was well behaved and sweet with the judges. Kittens from her first litter are already being shown on the both the west coast and east coast TICA and CFA shows. See Sakari, owned by Chris Jacobson of Speakeasy, and Bruno owned by Amybeth Miller of Pawsabilities.

A-Kerr's Mariana:

  • Big, tawny colored girl, dark open rosettes. 
  • Structurally correct, with a wild expression and beautiful ear set.
  • Personality is outgoing and playful. A really fun, social girl!
  • Pattern flow: diagonal orientation, large rosettes!  
  • Carries marble and seal lynx point. 
  • PRA-b N/N by parentage
  • PK-Def N/N via UC DAVIS
  • HCM Normal as of 6/2017

FROM HER KITTEN PAGE, so you can see her progression! 

These pictures show her clearing up nicely from her ugly duckling fuzzies! Her head is wonderful, personality is inquisitive and high energy, and FUN! Very symmetrical pattern, short tight coat, and even though she is not glittered, the contrast is amazing. I like her more every day! She will replace her mother, Marleina. 

Updated pictures taken on April 24th, 2016 at 8 weeks of age. This lovely kitten is the most playful kitten I have right now! Loves the fur and feather toys, and will play with anyone! She is a cool colored kitten, not glittered, and also going through that fuzzy stage. Beautiful head and type on this girl...  

 Pictures below taken on April 2nd, 2016. The A-Kerr's Marleina x KotyKatz Super Moon kitten is doing well. She is growing huge since she has her mom all to herself. Pattern is really starting to develop at this age as her rosettes begin to fall out. It is apparent to me that her coloring will be much like Marlei's, very cool and tawny. I love her little black nose!  Wild looking kitten with a lovely head, I can't wait to see how she changes over the next few weeks. 

Marleina had one dynamite brown spotted female kitten with Kotykatz Super Moon. Born 2.27.16, she is on hold until further notice. Updated pictures taken on 3.16.16. She is developing lovely rosettes and an inquisitive personality. Really symmetrical pattern on this girl. I can't wait to see how she grows! First pictures (at the bottom of the page) taken on March 2, 2016 under Mom's watchful eye! Lovely jet black spots on this girl, and beautiful contrast.