Mariana and Stephen's kittens are now 11 weeks old and most are spoken for except for the darlings below. They are fuzzy! Hence the lack of clarity to the coats. See Mariana's page under 'Queens' to understand how Bengal kitten coats change over time. This is by far the ugliest stage, they will blossom around 16-20 weeks. The girls take a bit to warm up but are very affectionate and lap babies once they do. BOTH GIRLS ARE DISCOUNTED TO ACCOUNT FOR FUZZIES!

New pictures taken 3.22.16 at almost 6 weeks old. The kittens are already starting to get fuzzy, as is normal in this bloodline particularly on the mother's side. These babies are so playful and sweet I can barely get anything done when they are around. Beautiful wild faces on all of these kittens, they are fun to watch!

CH A-Kerr's Mariana x CH A-Kerr's Ima Lookin Even Better (Stephen) are now parents to seven lovely kittens. DOB February 10th, photos taken on February 24, at two weeks of age. There is quite a variety of brown spotteds in this litter, and they are all so cute at this age!