A-Kerr's Ima Miracle Rose

TECSPOT Ima Looking Good of A-Kerr's x A-KERR'S Rosetta Stone

Mira is a pet that lives with John and Libbie in their home, she was picked from a line that Libbie has developed for years and is very loved by all the family.  Jay and Sami own her Great-great grandmother, Conga, as a pet in home and Theo and Meghan own her Grandmother in North Carolina.  This is an extremely healthy line with a whited underside, wonderful horizontal rosetting, and most of all, incredible personality.  Libbie asked to be able to breed her a time or two, it is hard to not hold kittens in hand. (says Libbie)   

Some photos taken of Mira outside in our woods... 

Mira is:

  • Still considered whited at almost 4 years of age! 
  • Amazing temperament that she stamps on all of her babies! 
  • Soft, glittered coat
  • A/A, B/B, C/C, D/D
  • Carries for marble
  • PRA-b N/N via UC Davis
  • PK-Def N/N via parentage
  • HCM normal as of 3/2016, 6/2017