A-Kerr's Ima Miracle Rose x A-Kerr's Novatron

Everyone spoken for!

Mira is Libbie's personal cat and pet.  These kittens live at Libbie's home just north of Jay and Sam in Cardington.  The guarantee for them will be the same basic one as A-Kerr's but they are being sold by Libbie.   Send an email to libbiekerr@akerrsbengals.com with any questions.   The two females are currently for sale.   Each kitten has two vides for you to click on.  The first set of photos are the one taken August 31, the second set taken August 7.    See group video

Vet check   Everyone passed with glowing reports on health and growth.  They got an exceptional rating on temperament by staff!     Ready to leave toward the end of September.  Two females are available.  Take a look! 

 Marble Pattern:  Marble patterns appear much more solid as kittens.  The pattern itself is revealed as the kitten grows and stretches out the shape allowing for different colors and patterns to be revealed with the swirls.  Consider a balloon that you have inflated and then created a message of some sort on using three different markers.  When deflated this message will be hidden from view but as the balloon slowly inflates, the message is revealed.  Marbles are very much like that.  What you see at 5 weeks on the video is different in the 8 week videos, this process continues that first year.  

Marble Female 1  Her pattern is opening into spots with the big solid looking areas with lines and movement.  The background is golden honey, her outlined pattern very dark with reads and deeper golds appearing.   Her health check was excellent and her personality is revealed as she bounds out of where ever she is when she hears footsteps.  Tail up and happy expression of bouncing kitten!   See her video at five weeks and eight weeks. She is going to live with James and Amber and HER Grandmother AKerr's Rosettea Stone!  I switched female one and two.  This is correct, so don't let video confuse you.   

Marble female 1 at Five Weeks 

Marble Female 2  This is a very interesting pattern to watch mature.  At birth her pattern appeared to be solid black, but as you see in the photos at 5 weeks and then again at 8 weeks... the pattern falls our into spotting and swirling.  These blocks of pattern will change in coloring as she grows and stretches out the pattern.  Her coloring is seen on her fact, a honey gold with tones of yellow/gold/and red coming in to swirl with brown and black.   Great health evaluation at vet and wonderful personality, she will make a fun pet. Going to live with an A-Kerr's owner in Florida!  Congratulations, Nan. 

Videos at five weeks and eight weeks

Marble Male  This is a big boy with lots of clearly defined patterning in the marble.  His appears stronger because there is more background color revealed outlining his swirls.  He checked out great at the vet and is growing and playing well, like a Bengal!   Fun to be around and I love the temperament he is showing.  He is going to a home of a many A-Kerr's kitten home in Pennsylvania.  I am sure his extended family is going to enjoy him!   Videos at five weeks and eight weeks

Rosetted Male  This is a top show quality male.  Whited underside, great contrast and amazing coloring.  I am not anxious to sell him so for now... he is called MINE.   Enjoy his videos at five weeks and eight weeks.