The parents:

A-Kerr's Flying Phoenix is the flashy mum to these babies while our RW SGC AC Speakeasy's CowboysLastRide of A-Kerr's is the sire. Both parents are friendly loving cats and I hope the kittens combine the coat texture and clarity of Phoenix with Ryder's wild good looks and excellent structure. There are three boys, all spotted, and two girls, both marbled. Born 7.20.17, this litter has been hand raised as Phoenix really only had the capability of nursing two kittens. Their personalities are already adorable!

New pictures taken September 16th, kittens are 8 weeks old and doing wonderfully! This is a social, people oriented litter, and will make great companions.

Female 1 is a really sweet, large girl with the structure and type of her sire. She loves sparkly toys and climbing where she shouldn't be! AVAILABLE

Female 2 is also a heavy, well structured marble girl. She is a just as bossy as her sister now and keeps up with her siblings. She loves playing! AVAILABLE

Male 1 is my favorite boy! First to come and investigate, and his personality matches his pretty pattern. ON HOLD

Male 2 is the cutie pie of the bunch. His coat is soft and glittered, the rosetting is finally becoming more apparent.  RESERVED

Male 3 will have coloring similar to his mother's as he develops, he is now beginning to hit the 'fuzzy' stage as you can see! RESERVED


Female 1 (below) is a large sheet marble girl with a wonderful face and a domineering personality. She is the second biggest of the litter and already wrestling her brothers. AVAILABLE

Female 2 is a cute sheet marble girl with her mom's expressive eyes. She is glittered. AVAILABLE

Male 1 is being held for evaluation. He is the largest, brightest kitten in the litter, with a pattern similar to Phoenix. ON HOLD

Male 2 is a sweet little thing, lovely pattern flow and cute face to him! RESERVED

Male 3 reminds me a lot of Ryder, he has wonderfully spotted legs and even the inside of his tail is spotted like Ryder! RESERVED