IMP Russia

SIRE: Adorable Boy A-MURR UA DAM: BENHOME Bagira Gabriel

DOB 10. 30. 17

This large happy Bengal kitten was imported from Russia, many thanks to his breeder, Marina Ivaskiv, who did a beautiful job in his socialization. He came in great health and wonderful condition and has only blossomed since his arrival, gaining another four lbs of muscle and two inches at the shoulder! Zidan enjoys his nightly harness walks with the family and carrying on conversations with anyone who will listen. Zidan is dripping in glitter, but even better has really lovely pattern flow (especially on the left side), a nice thick tail and a really pretty head! I am hoping he grows into his ears as he matures and approaches a year while continuing to ‘body out’ and gain muscle on what is already a huge frame. Zidan’s pedigree consists of mostly unique cats to A-Kerr’s and some of Canada’s best bloodlines.

Zidan ended the season for 2018-2019 as the #3 Bengal in Regions 1-9 for CFA, and thoroughly enjoyed his time in California where he was shown by our friends, John and Shelby Friemoth. He was able to earn his regional win, finishing as 12th Best Cat in Region 5, making us very proud of him! This lovebug continues to charm his way into the hearts of everyone!


  • Nice backskull, hard to find with the flashy cats!

  • Very large, clear pattern. Glittered and incredibly soft!

  • Pattern is funky and large yet horizontally aligned.

  • Chin and profile are strong, expressive eyes.

  • Wonderful temperament. Zidan has never met a stranger!

  • Light underside currently.

  • A/A, B/B, C/Cs, D/D, Pattern test pending

  • HCM tested negative, normal heart 12/4/2018.

  • PK-Def N/N via Optimal Selection.

  • PRA-b N/N via Optimal Selection.