The parents:

CH A-Kerr's Mariana and Tailwind's Bravado have welcomed 6 beautiful kittens on November 23rd. There are two spotted boys, two spotted girls, and two marble girls. Something for everyone!  Kittens are growing well and promise to have lovely conformation. Big, dark markings on these babies. The marble kittens are sheeted at the moment but the patterns will open up and reveal more markings as they mature. Both boys are on hold, but please feel free to inquire about the girls. I will give preference to those clients that will take a pair, one marble and one spotted girl. Ready to leave at the end of February. 

******************Pictures below at almost 4 weeks old*******************************************

Mariana's Female 1 is a wonderfully soft and inquisitive little girl. Her pattern is opening up and I expect her to be well contrasted and clear coated like her sire, Bravo. AVAILABLE

Female 2 is an adorable chunky baby who has an interesting random pattern, with dark outlines and a super soft coat. RESERVED

Although dark now, the Mariana female 3 will have a lacy pattern in her marble markings as she matures and the pattern and coat changes. AVAILABLE

Mariana Female 4 is just as adorable as her marble sister... I find it REALLY hard to tell them apart as they both keep worried expressions on their little faces, accentuated by the appearance of 'eyebrows'. AVAILABLE

Male 1 is a very opinionated little guy... He likes to hiss at me, but starts purring the moment I pick him up. Pattern flow is very similar to sire, Bravo. RESERVED

Mariana Male 2 is RESERVED

***************************************************Pictures below taken at 10 days old********************************************************