A-Kerrs Lotsa Spots and A-Kerrs Novatron, born August 7, 2014 

2 Rosetted Females 


Spotagious Midni  ght Frost of A-Kerr's x Huntersridge Ice Breaker of Spotagious born August 23, 2014       (note) Frosty is new to A-Kerr's and has not yet gone through our extensive testing. 

Spotagious Midnight Frost of A-Kerr's x Huntersridge Ice Breaker of Spotagious born August 23, 2014

(note) Frosty is new to A-Kerr's and has not yet gone through our extensive testing. 

Ch A-Kerr's Captivate and A-Kerrs Novatron  born September 21, 2014   ! male, 3 females (2 spotted/1 marble) 

Ch A-Kerr's Captivate and A-Kerrs Novatron  born September 21, 2014   ! male, 3 females (2 spotted/1 marble) 

                                                                                                                                   From our hands...  to yours 

                                                                                                                                  From our hands...  to yours 

A-Kerr's kittens are bred for:

health, temperament, beauty...  and enjoyment!

The kittens provide constant entertainment and connection to the moment.  Each day brings change and development captured on film and video at two weeks, six weeks and eleven weeks of age for you to have glimpses into what goes on daily.  The main goal at A-Kerr's is to match YOU with the perfect kitten(s) for you.    Photos and videos help you learn and educate your eye.. so watch and enjoy.  Please take the time to click through the pages, each kitten has its own page so you can see the individual develop its uniqueness.  If you have questions, please let us know through email.

You will find the main litter page of all the kittens in the litter, with a pedigree and photo links of the Stud and Queen.  Then click on the individual kitten located in menu bar.  

What to look for in the photos and videos:

  • At two weeks of age you see pattern at its worse!   The spots are close together, the marble is almost solid in appearance, but the color of face and feet reveal the future and IF you think wow, look at that pattern... it will only get better!
  • At six weeks of age after their first veterinarian checkup,   the waiting list is contacted in order of waiting and selection begins.    Fill in the contact page to hear from us the latest news! At this age, you begin to see the coloring and pattern unfold, the shape of head and the body type are revealed more.  You begin to see personality revealed.  Also,  full disclosure of health. 
  • At eleven weeks   you are about ready to pick up your new kitten and the potential adult is much more evident.

On the waiting list?  What to expect: 

  • Your wishes are noted and if a deposit has been given, your place assured.  
  • When your name comes to the top, Samantha will contact you and explain what is available, individual pricing. 
  • If you need more assistance in selecting: comparison photos and video and arranged and of course, depending on schedules, a visit to the cattery.  
  • Kittens remain here for 12-14 weeks.
  • Assistance in transitioning your new pet to your home.

NOTE: Due to new regulations from USDA/APHIS there are concerns about the sales of kittens on the Internet.  Rest assured A-Kerr's remains within these imposed regulations that have not been voted on by our representative government.   As it has always been, A-Kerr's recognizes our job is to make this a wonderful experience for you and  everything is done to facilitate this process.  At A-Kerr's we pride ourselves on the years of service to owners, and will not lower our cattery standards to meet the government's imposed limitations.   Rest assured, we have your back!    To comment on these regulations, see the following link: Calvary Group  Due to these regulations we have reduced the number of breeding females to four thus our waiting list suffers.


A-Kerr's tests for HCM (cardiologist, heart disease certification) PK Deficiency (blood disorder) Eye Certification (ophthalmologist)  PRA (eye DNA), Tri-trichomonas (intestinal) and a wide range of other tests performed either by specialists, veterinarian, or with DNA.  Kittens are not exposed to other cats or kittens until all the cats/kittens exposed to have been tested or vaccinated for Felv, tri-trichomanas, and other transmittable diseases.

Health care. In depth veterinarian evaluation.  Each kitten is seen at Powell Vet Clinic. Checked for soundness, vaccinated, and tested. As well as health evaluation that is disclosed to your veterinarian and you.


Handling. Kittens are massaged, carried, and bonded to human touch through daily handling from birth.  

Genetic friendliness:  These kittens are bred from parents that are genetically selected for friendliness. The result is kittens that are born to desire human interaction and they seek out involvement.  

Children are encouraged to handle them as they move differently than we adults and the cats and kittens are exposed to other cats, dogs, noises of family life and other situations to increase their confidence. 


The quality of A-Kerr's cats speak for themselves.  Award winning, the 2013 Bengal cat of the Year was bred and raised at A-Kerr's.  These cats win awards in the hallways of your home and at shows.  Bred to the standard of excellence. 

Care of the cats and kittens


Quality foods. Kittens receive a high quality diet keeping them healthy and growing strong.  The raw diet is found at www.hare-today.com  More detail going-home  

Optimal environment.  

  • Kittens are raised in home, live in an active household designed to allow them to grow confident and social. They are handled daily and receive individual attention. 
  • Adults are in a brand new facility designed for optimum interaction and activity

You receive

  • Experienced communications. Books and charts to help you understand the  cat ownership and assistance in the selection of the right one for you.
  • Access to veterinarian records on your cat/kitten. Your veterinarian must have direct contact with Powell Vet Clinic if any questions on health arise.  This is an important part of our agreement.  This is through a phone call, 614-436-9922.  
  • Video and photos. You are brought into the selection process with video of the cattery and available kittens. This allows you to see the personality. Photographs show the color and pattern. Provided an honest, professional evaluation of your kitten.  If you want more photos or videos, they are done for you and assistance given to you for selection

 .Cattery quality assurance

  • First Bengal Cattery to receive OUTSTANDING CATTERY AWARD from The International Cat Association.  Kept current annually.   The longest holding cattery of this award of any breed!  
  • First Bengal cattery to receive Cattery of Excellence from American Cat Fanciers Association. 
  • Breeder of Distinction  awarded from The International Bengal Cat Society.  Kept current annually.
  • Veterinarian inspected on an annual basis and surprise checks to make sure of consistency.
  • Feline Behavior our highest priority.
  • Award winning cats.   SGC A-Kerr's Regal Splendor of Medusa bred here at A-Kerr's is the Bengal cat 2013 of the year.
  • Have won many awards from the cat associations.


Contractually A-Kerr's Bengal cat assures you:

  • Written guarantees on health and temperament.  We have the best guarantees known. 
  • Veterinarian approved cattery.
  • Vaccines  administered by vet.   (1  set  administered referred to as core vaccines, but there are vaccines that must be administered after 12 weeks of age for effectiveness)
  •  Feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus tested and vaccinated adults, making this a Felv and FIV free cattery.  (FeLV, FIV)
  • Testing of all mother's with kittens for trichomonas foetus to make sure kittens are not exposed.(tri-trich) This testing is not 100%. Tri Trich can be successfully treated with ronidazole, this is off label use and is veterinarian prescribed.
  • Random testing for corona virus. *
  •  Testing by certified veterinary cardiologist on all adults in breeding program.   (HCM) at Ohio State University.
  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency test given to all cats in breeding program or certified by their pedigree. (PK Deficiency)
  • Progressive retinal  atrophy  test given to all cats in breeding program or certified by their pedigree.  (PRA)Complete health record given.
  • Your veterinarian given access to your kitten's records by my veterinarian.
  • Clear and honest evaluation of kittens
  • One year fatal congenital health guarantee.
  • Five year limited congenital health guarantee. 
  • Feline Behavior Counseling
  • Kitten's complete vaccination record
  • Early spay and neuter
  • 60 day Pet Insurance coverage through EMBRACE for $1
  • Phone consultation through your veterinarian and Powell Vet Clinic on any questions concerning your kitten's health.  

*There is no guarantee each individual kitten is free of corona virus, as an estimated 80-95% of cats in multi-cat households have corona virus, I can guarantee replacement of any A-Kerr's kitten that contacts FIP.  That is the best anyone can do.